Annual Symposium

Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Digital Technologies, and Device Development in Neurosurgery

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    Friday, December 7th & 8th

    Mount Sinai Hospital

    Davis Auditorium

    Hess Center

    1470 Madison Avenue

    New York, NY

    The Department of Neurosurgery at Mount Sinai Health System is leading the digital revolution throughout the patient and provider experience. Our mission is to leverage advanced technologies to improve diagnostic tools, enhance patient engagement, and develop the next generation of digital intraoperative technologies. These efforts are not possible without the highly collaborative team in the Department of Neurosurgery, including computer and imaging scientists, mid-level practitioners, engineers, physicians, and entrepreneurs.

    In this symposium, invited lectures from around the world will join Mount Sinai physicians and researchers to expand the conversation around state-of-the-art technologies in: artificial intelligence, patient engagement, practical use of digital technologies throughout the patient experience, and next generation intra-operative tools and techniques including mixed reality, robotics, and neuromodulation. We will end the session looking specifically at how technologies like these are identified and brought through the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, so they may have the best possible change of improving outcomes for patients.

    Concurrent with educational and didactic sessions, vendors who have successfully commercialized products will join for live practical demonstrations of their technologies and guide attendees through best practices and opportunities for improvement. These demonstrations will be done through the use of virtual operating rooms, in which patient-specific, 3D-printed models will be interrogated directly. Attendees of the symposium will have the opportunity to engage with a unique range of domain scientists, physicians, engineers, and entrepreneurs, whom together form the backbone of successful medical device development and clinical translation. We look forward to welcoming you to New York in December!